Solveiga Zibaite


I am a PhD candidate with the End of Life Studies Group at the University of Glasgow. My research is on the cultural significance of the Death Café movement.

My research interests include anthropology of death, online ethnography, anthropology of cyberspace, online memorial cultures, existentialism, dialogism.

I hold a College of Social Sciences scholarship.


Twitter @SolveigaZibaite
Dumfries Campus, University of Glasgow, Rutherford/McCowan Building, Crichton University Campus, Dumfries DG1 4ZL, Scotland




I grew up in Lithuania. I hold an MA in Social Anthropology (First class, awarded in 2015) from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc in Cultural and Social Anthropology (awarded in 2017) from the University of Amsterdam. My master’s thesis was on the conventions and ethics of online mourning.


  • Good Pain, Bad Pain: How Shanghai students make sense of their computer use related health problems. Inter-studia Humanitatis, Issue 19, 2016. Siauliai University.
  • Exploring manifestations of humour in the Analects of Confucius (in Lithuanian) – PART 1 LOGOS 88, 2016, Part 2 LOGOS 89, 2017
  • Interpretations of phenonema of pain and suffering in Chinese cultural tradition (in Lithuanian) Rytai Vakarai – KomparatyvistinÄ—s studijos XIV (East-West – Comparative Studies XIV)- Culturology 20.


I developed the Introduction to Social Anthropology course at Vilnius University and have been delivering it since 2016.