Clare Roques


Research Interests

  • Pain management
  • Pain management in India


Dumfries Campus, University of Glasgow, Rutherford/McCowan Building, Crichton University Campus, Dumfries DG1 4ZL, Scotland
tel: +44 (0)1387 702001 / 702131

Thesis title

The Social Construction of Pain Management in India


A briefing note published in 2012 states, “The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 5.5 billion people (83% of the world’s population) live in countries with low to non-existent access to controlled medicines and have inadequate access to treatment for moderate to severe pain.”

Despite widespread initiatives to change this situation, often focussing on improving access to opioid medications, such as morphine, in many (often developing countries, progress has been limited. India serves as an example of one such country, wi with large numbers of patients living without adequate access to pain relief.

The aim of my research study is to discover more about clinicians' experiences of treating pain in India, as well as their conceptualisation of the issues related to the provision of pain management.

This research will lead to an improved understanding of the issues surrounding inadequate access to pain management in India.



Alongside my part-time PhD studies I work full-time as an NHS consultant in anaesthesia and pain medicine.

I also chair the Essential Pain Management UK Working Group, based at the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, delivering educational projects across Africa and the UK.