MA Primary Education (with Teaching Qualification)

Enrolment for New and Continuing MA Primary Education Students 2021 - 2022

The first step in becoming a student at the University of Glasgow is completion of Registration.  Full information on this process is available on our Registry Webpages.

Following registration, students are then required to enrol on classes.  Full information is available on our Registry Webpages

Enrolment Requirements

The compulsory courses which you are required to enrol on are:


Professional Practice in Education 1 (DUMF1016)

Mathematics: Theory and Pedagogy 1 (DUMF1013) 

Literacy 1 (DUMF1012) 

French for Beginners (DUMF1023) (Unless a student possesses a Higher level pass)



Professional Practice in Education 2 (DUMF2035) 

Child Development and Learning (DUMF2069) 

Mathematics: Theory and Pedagogy 2 (DUMF2012) 

Literacy 2 (DUMF2011)

Modern Languuages: Theory and Pedagogy (DUMF2068)



Professional Practice 3 (DUMF3016) 

Inclusion and ASN: Concepts, Policy & Practice (DUMF3085)

Curriculum and Assessment (DUMF3006)

Research Methods for Education (DUMF3090)

STEM Across the Primary Curriculum (DUMF3089)

Enhanced Mathematics (DUMF3088) (Compulsory for students who have chosen the enhanced Maths route)



Professional Practice 4 (DUMF4016) 

Honours Dissertation (DUMF4010P) 

Sociology of Education (DUMF4024) 

Professionalism and Leadership in Education (DUMF4021)


Further Support

 You may also contact the Advising Officer on for any further information on the enrolment and registration process.