BSc Environmental Science & Sustainability

Enrolment for New and Continuing Students on the BSc Environmental Science & Sustainability 2021 - 2022

The first step in becoming a student at the University of Glasgow is completion of Registration.  Full information on this process is available on our Registry Webpages

Following registration, students are then required to enrol on classes.  Full information is available on our Registry Webpages 

Enrolment Requirements

The compulsory courses which you are required to enrol on are:


Earth System Science (DUMF1043) 

Introduction to Environmental Science (DUMF1007) 

Introduction to Global Environmental Issues (DUMF1008) 

The following elective is also available for students:

Marine Mammals Field Course (DUMF1068)

Cost implications - £350 for student



Energy: options for Sustainability (DUMF2019)

Research Methods for Environmental Scientists (DUMF2024) 

Biodiversity, Ecology and Ecosystems (DUMF2071)

Human Impacts on the Environment (DUMF2070)

The following elective course is recommended for students:

Issues in Contemporary Society (DUMF2010)



Applied Ecology and Conservation (DUMF3001) 

Aquatic Environment: Processes, Monitoring and Management (DUM3084)

Rural Tourism and Stewardship (DUMF3033

Plus one of the following:

Placement (DUMF3080P or 3081P)  

Dissertation 3 (DUMF3007)



Environmental Policy and Management (DUMF4040) 

Perspectives on the Environment (DUMF4039) 

Environmental Field Course (DUMF4043) 

Environmental Stewardship Project (DUMF4008P)


Further Support

You may also contact the Advising Officer on for any further information on the enrolment and registration process.