Disposal of IT Equipment

Disposal of IT Equipment

Computers and peripheral computing equipment cannot be thrown out with general waste, but must be collected by one of the University's approved suppliers, and a full record kept of its details and when it was disposed. Details for the Faculty are collected by Alison Neill and transferred to the Asset database: if you wish to dispose of a computer, monitor or printer, please remove the PAT/Asset number if there is one, and attach it to a  computer disposal formwhich asks you to include the following details:-

the name of the person disposing the equipment

the building location from which it came

the description of the item

date of disposal

A photocopy of this sheet should be left securely attached to the equipment until it has been uplifted. The original label with the information should be forwarded to Alison Neill, room 419, West Medical Building.

The safety co-ordinator or chief technician should know the location in your building for uplift by the external contractors. The main contractor for secure descruction of information and recycling where possible is CCL North Ltd. There is a charge for this service.

Computing Service - disposal of old IT equipment and disposal policy