Electrical Safety and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Portable Appliance Testing in FBLS is done using the Europa Plus PAT testers. For information on any aspect of electrical safety testing, or to borrow a tester, please contact John McDougall, ext 8447 or e-mail John.McDougall@bio.gla.ac.uk

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Important Notes:

  1. When testing equipment using the Europa Plus PAT tester, check the data for each item on the tester screen. If the Division name is wrong, the database will not accept the latest PAT test information.
  2. Also on the screen, check the location for each item. If it is wrong, change it using the correct format [first letter(s) of building name followed by room number, eg for Bower room 205, write B205, Graham Kerr 205 is GK205. The Joseph Black building is slightly different and should be in format JB B2-05.
  3. Do not overwrite the description on the screen unless it is completely wrong - if you have changed it, let John McDougall know by emailing him with the PAT test number, description of what it was and what it was changed to.
  4. If you throw out a piece of electrical equipment, don't let it sit on the database - remove the label, stick it on a piece of paper and write on the make/model, location, academic user and date and method of disposal and send it to Alison Neill, room 418, West Medical Building.
    If you transfer a piece of electrical equipment to a new location, save time on the next round of PAT testing by telling John McDougall its new location and person responsible, together with the PAT number and make/model.
  5. If you see an older electrical item in your lab without a PAT label, email Alison with its description, make/model, room location and person responsible so that she can arrange for it to be labelled for you ready for the next round of PAT testing.