All new staff based in the  GBRC should have completed the building Safety Induction Course before commencing work.

The Facility has about 150 users. Our goal is not to inhibit research but to enable users to conduct it in a safe manner.

All users of the Flow Cytometry Facility must read our local safety rules, and complete the appropriate biosafety form before undertaking work in the Facility.

One form is for users of the analysers (Quant/LSR II/ Celesta/Fortessa), the second one is for users of the  FACSAria cell sorters. If you use both types of machine you must fill in both forms.

If you are working with several cell types you must complete a form for each. In addition there is a separate form for the Luminex.

The forms are to be updated annually, or sooner if the nature of your work changes. If you need any help completing the form please contact the Facilities Manager.

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