Employability for Postgraduates

Employability for Postgraduates

Employability is about your skills, aptitudes, abilities, confidence and self-awareness and how you develop and use these things. The University of Glasgow is committed to ensuring that all students are encouraged to develop such skills and provided with the opportunity to do so. The University has Employability resources, which include sections for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Philosophy graduates are eminently employable. A 2012 survey by the Telegraph found that philosophy was one of the top ten subjects for getting a job. Furthermore, Glasgow was fourth highest in the graduate employment league table.

The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies has also developed a series of resources for those from a philosophical background including The Guide to Employability in Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology and a series of Reflective Questions that can be used in conjunction with The Guide to Employability in order to help students think further about how to demonstrate the skills they have developed in the course of their studies. Their employability website has further information.

David Bain has some employability advice for Philosophy students on his homepage. An excellent external resource, created by Bruce B. Janz, can be found here.

Graduate students in philosophy wishing to pursue a career in academia are given personalised advice from their supervisors, the Director of Graduate Studies, from their review panel, at the Department's research methods modules and from the College of Arts Research Training course. Advice is given on the following topics that are vital for getting an academic job:

  • Research and Publishing
    The department encourages students to publish their research in high quality journals.
  • Presenting Papers at Conferences
    The College of Arts has funds for attendance at conferences and students should consult the Philosophy Department Postgraduate Handbook and contact the Director of Graduate Studies for further advice.
  • Teaching
    The department provides opportunities for students with a suitable background to do some tutorial teaching in the department.
  • Curriculum Vitae and Job Hunting
    We give advice on the format and content.