Philosophy contacts

Philosophy contacts

The table below includes a list of administrative roles for the current session.
Staff contact details can be found here 



Head of Subject

Dr Ben Colburn

Director of Teaching

Dr Chris Lindsay

Sub-Honours Administrator

Ms Sara Murdoch

1K Convenor

Dr Robert Cowan

1M Convenor

Dr Jennifer Corns

2K Convenor

Dr Christoph Kelp

2M Convenor

Dr Hugh Lazenby

Honours Administrator

Ms Ruth Burke

Junior Honours Convenor

Dr Chris Lindsay

Senior Honours Convenor

Dr Adam Rieger

Honours Dissertation Convenor

Dr. David Bain

Exams Officer

Dr David Bain

JYA/study Abroad

Semster 1: Dr Stephan Leuenberger
Semester 2: Dr. Stephan Kraemer

Director of Postgraduate Research

Professor Michael Brady

Director of Postgraduate Teaching

Dr Adam Carter

Postgraduate Administrator

Miss Cara Graham

Equality and Diversity Officer

Professor Michael Brady

Careers and Retention Officer

Dr Robert Cowan

Alumni Officer

Dr Adam Rieger

Senior Seminar Organiser

Dr Stephan Kraemer