Philosophy 2B: What Is There?

This course will introduce students to core philosophical issues concerning the nature of reality. We will explore core issues in formal logic, metaphysics, philosophy of religion and philosophy of science, focussing on the questions of what kinds of things can be said to exist.

Each section of the course will address a key philosophical question: How do we think formally about existence? will introduce students to formal methods for engaging with questions about existence and quantification. In What exists? students will consider core metaphysical issues concerning the fundamental constituents of reality. Is there a God? will address issues concerning whether we have reason to believe that anything beyond the physical exists, specifically a divine being. Relatedly, the final section Does science reveal everything?,  will discuss issues concerning the scope and aims of science, with a particular focus on whether or not science aims to give us an exhaustive account of the nature and content of reality.

Course convener: Dr Jennifer Corns
Semester: 2
Lecture hour: 12-1, Monday - Thursday
Lecture venue: See MyCampus

Teaching resources for this course, including lecture notes and exercises, can be found on the Philosophy Moodle site