Levels 1, 2 & 3

Levels 1, 2 & 3

Level 1

History provides two introductory courses at Level 1.  These offer a series of lectures plus regular seminars exploring themes raised in lecture.

  • History 1A, Scotland's Millennium: Kingdom, Union and Nation, c.1000-1999 [HIST1008] - History 1A convener: Dr Karin Bowie
  • History 1B, Europe Rising. The Medieval World, 500-1500 [HIST1020] - History 1B convener: Dr Jochen Schenk

All students enrolled at the University are eligible to enter these Level 1 courses.  Each Level 1 course is a credit-bearing module in the General Humanities degree (20 credits) and a qualifiying course towards entry in any Level 2 course in History on achievement of a final mark at Band D3 or above (subject to completion of other College regulations).  Students intending to study History at the Honours level must complete both History 1A and 1B with a mark at Band D3 or above in both courses.

Information on the timing of these courses will be found on MyCampus.
Current students can find more information on these classes in the relevant Moodle site.

Level 2

At Level 2, History offers two more specialised courses.  As in Level 1, these provide regular seminars alongside a lecture course.  

  • History 2A: Society, Culture and Politics in North America, from First Contact to the Present [HIST2002] - History 2A convener: Dr Benjamin White 
  • History 2B: People, Things and Ideas:  The Making of Modern Societies 1500-2000 [HIST2011] - History 2B convener: Dr Julia McClure 

These courses are credit-bearing units in the General Humanities degree (20 credits) and are qualifying courses for Honours study in History.  Students must have completed at least one Level 1 History course at Band D3 to satisfy the requirements for studying at level 2.

Current students can find more information on these classes in the relevant Moodle.

Level 3

History offers one dedicated Level 3 course, Folk belief and the witch-hunts, in the first semester.  This course is offered via teleconferencing from our Crichton campus.  The course convenor is Dr. Lizanne Henderson, Lizanne.Henderson@glasgow.ac.uk.  In addition, any of the above Level 2 courses can be taken as a Level 3 option.  Level 3 students will be assessed differently and will meet in their own seminar group.  Students should speak with the course convenor at enrollment about taking the Level 3 option.

Style Guide & Plagiarism

History has its own style guide that provides guidance on how to format essays, footnotes and bibliographies.  Students should use this style guide in all History classes from Level 1 onwards.  For Levels 1, 2 and 3, see A Short Guide to Presenting History Essays

Good footnoting practices help to avoid plagiarism, the unacknowledged copying of materials or ideas from anyone or anywhere.  Presenting the work of others as your own is a serious academic offence.  See the following for more on plagiarism: Plagiarism