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LEVEL 1, 2 or 3 (non-honours)

Many students take History courses in their first or second years even if they do not intend to study it at Honours level. At Levels 1, 2 & 3, the subject offers courses that survey the medieval and modern histories of Europe, Scotland and North America. Typically large courses of 150-300 students, these use a combination of lectures and seminars to introduce students to broad interpretative frameworks and foundational methods of historical analysis.

Beyond Level 1 and 2, History can be pursued as single Honours or joint Honours with another subject. Typical joint combinations include Celtic studies, English or Scottish Literature, Economic and Social History and Politics, with other combinations being possible. The subject also offers Level 3 courses for students in the General Humanities programme.

At Honours level, students specialising in History begin to focus on particular eras, countries and concepts in courses designed to develop their skills in research, analysis and oral and written expression. In the fourth year, students can take an optional Special Subject, a year-long seminar course focusing on primary sources. Most History students cap their degree with a 12-15,000 word dissertation based on original research.

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