Undergraduate funding opportunities

This page gives information about some supplementary funding opportunities particularly relevant to archaeology undergraduates. It is worth checking the postgraduate funding opportunities pages, as some schemes might also be open to undergraduates.

Please see the Registry website for information about tuition fees, applications for government grants, student loans, emergency money and other issues of student finance.

Council for British Research in the Levant

The CBRL offers travel grants of up to £800 for travel associated with research in the area of the Levant (Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, and Syria), e.g. for research towards an undergraduate dissertation. More information on the CBRL website. Closing date: 15 January.

Cross Trust Undergraduate Vacation Awards

Vacation Study Awards in Arts to "enable students of the highest academic merit and limited financial circumstances to attend conferences, symposia, workshops or master classes, or to visit libraries, museums, galleries, concerts or centres of excellence in direct and demonstrable connection with their studies".

Applicants must be of Scottish birth or parentage. The likely value of the award is not specified.  The Trustees adopt a broad interpretation of what is understood by the Arts.  An applicant will be eligible for one award only, i.e. a student who received an award in a previous year may not apply again.

Application must be ranked by the Dean of Arts. Completed forms should be submitted to Kathleen Johnston, Faculty of Arts, 6 University Gardens, no later Friday 14th March 2008.

Please note that you cannot apply for both The Carnegie Trust and Cross Trust Awards - dual applications will be considered void.

Regulations and application forms are available from Mrs Pauline McLachlan, Archaeology General Office (Rm 204)

Tessa and Mortimer Wheeler Archaeology Fund 

The Tessa and Mortimer Wheeler Archaeology Fund of the Society of Antiquaries of London gives grants to archaeology students (defined as undergraduates, or postgraduates within the first year of graduation and not excluding mature students) who wish to enlarge their experience abroad, perhaps by attendance at a foreign excavation to which they have been specifically invited, or simply by travel to study sites, monuments, museums or topography in a systematic way. More information on the Society of Antiquaries of London's website. Closing date: January.

West Lothian Educational Trust

Grants for various educational purposes (e.g., supplementary bursaries for university students, travel grants for educational purposes, etc.) given to people resident in or originating from West Lothian. Preference given to applicants unable to obtain from other sources. More information on the Scott-Moncrieff website.