Postgraduate scholarships

UK Research Councils

Home students should apply for a studentship from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, or depending on their topic from the Economic and Social Research Council or the Natural Environment Research Council.

European Union students may be eligible to apply for certain of these awards.

There are detailed guidelines and application forms on the AHRC website: follow the appropriate links on the Postgraduate Funding Opportunities page, and note the changes taking place from 2009.  Candidates should leave the form with the Department for completion of references and, if appropriate, degree results. Completed forms will be sent to the Clerk of the Faculties for completion of the Certificate on the final page and onward transmission to the AHRC.

For taught postgraduates, the AHRC has a Research Preparation Master's Scheme and a Professional Preparation Master's Scheme. See their Postgraduate Funding Opportunities page, and note the changes taking place from 2009.

Competition for Studentship awards is intense. It is important to ensure that Studentship application forms are properly and completely filled out, following the instructions and guidance printed on the form. The AHRC selectors can assess only the information provided on the application form; they look for evidence that candidates are adequately prepared to undertake the postgraduate study they stipulate.

Awards are available from AHRC for part-time study. European Union students may apply for a fees-only award from the AHRC.

Students' application forms and references must be completed and handed into the Department by Monday 9 February.   Please note that The Head of Department (Dr Huggett) is required to write a supporting statement for any applications.  The Department will then forward the completed form to Faculty for the 16th February deadline.  Please discuss your proposal with your supervisor or potential supervisor well in advance of this date and notify the Departmental office of your intention to submit an application to the AHRC before the deadline. The Arts Faculty runs workshops on applying for AHRC funding.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland operates a Postgraduate Students' Allowances Scheme (PSAS) for some full-time taught postgraduate vocational programmes: currently these cover our Aerial Archaeology and Geophysical Survey, Material Culture and Artefact Studies, and Professional Archaeology programmes. These awards are allocated to the University of Glasgow as a whole and then distributed amongst eligible courses, hence we cannot be precise about the number of awards available. However, in 2007/8 we received a total of 5 studentships across the three programmes. Please note the eligibility criteria which apply, and that you need to be nominated for receipt of an award by the course convenor before the SAAS will process your application. The award covers your tuition fees plus up to a maintenance allowance for 30 weeks.

Overseas Research Students Award Scheme

The Overseas Research Students Award Scheme in Scotland (ORSAS) normally pays the difference between the Overseas and Home rate of the research tuition fees. The scheme provides awards for overseas research students of 'outstanding merit and research potential', and is very competitive. It is valid for full-time research only, and to be eligible you need to be already accepted by the Department to do a PhD. Students who are successful in obtaining one of these awards still have to demonstrate the financial ability - or have another award - to cover home rate tuition fees.

The deadline is 31st January. For more information and application forms see the University of Glasgow ORSAS and ORSAS in Scotland websites.

Commonwealth Scholarships and DFID Shared Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships are open to all students from Commonwealth countries.

Students from developing Commonwealth countries may apply for a small number of Scholarships funded by the DFID (UK Government Department for International Development) in partnership with the University. Scholarships are awarded only for taught postgraduate courses. Priority is given to topics related to economic, scientific and social development of the overseas country. There is more information on the DFID and Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships Plan websites.

For details about how to apply for both of these, see the university's international scholarships webpages.

British Council and Government Agencies

Overseas students should investigate sources of finance for postgraduate study from government agencies and institutions in their own country, in the first instance. They may also seek advice from their regional British Council Office.

A.G. Leventis Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship

Scholarships for up to 3 years of postgraduate research are available from the Leventis Foundation. Awards are of differing amounts, and are limited to candidates of Greek or Cypriote origin who hold first-class honours degrees or a postgraduate degree (distinction) in Archaeology. Applications to reach the Paris address before 15 June. There is more information on the Leventis Foundation website.

Marshall Awards (USA only)

Students of excellent academic calibre from the USA may apply for these highly competitive scholarships in their own country. More information on the University's scholarship and Marshall scholarship websites.

A.S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation

The Onassis Foundation offers scholarships for postgraduate research, limited to candidates of Greek origin.

For fuller information, write to The A.S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation: Greek Section of Scholarships & Research, 7 Eschinou St, GR-10558 Athens, Greece.