Dr Kate Mathis

  • Affiliate (Celtic and Gaelic)

telephone: 0141 330 1758
email: Kate.Mathis@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

  • The Ulster Cycle in its medieval context and later reception (e.g. politicized reshaping during the Celtic Revival; exchange of component tales between Ireland and Scotland);
  • Elegy and lament; representations of grief, mourning, and violent emotion in Gaelic and Welsh literature (ca. AD 700-1500);
  • Women’s poetry in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd (ca. AD 1200-1800).  

Current projects

  • Monograph: The Tri-partite life of Deirdre: Text and context from the Ulster Cycle to 1916;
  • The translation of grief from Classical to Celtic-language contexts. 


Undergraduate courses

  • Celtic Civilisation 1A / 1B
  • Celtic Civilisation 2A / 2B

Honours courses

  • Introduction to Middle Welsh

Postgraduate courses

  • Skills and Scholarship in Celtic Studies

Additional Information


Number of items: 7


  • (In press) Mathis, Kate Louise. ‘“Tha Mulad Air M’Inntinn” and early modern Gaelic dialogue poetry’, Aiste 5;
  • Mathis, Kate Louise. (2013) ‘Mourning the maic Uislenn: Blood, death, & grief in Longes mac n-Uislenn & ‘Oidheadh Chloinne hUisneach’, Scottish Gaelic Studies 29, pp. 1-21;
  • Mathis, Kate Louise. (2011) ‘A Gaelic gemina opera? The verse and prose texts of Saltair na Rann & Scél Saltrach na Rann’, Scottish Gaelic Studies 28, pp. 1-17;
  • Mathis, Kate Louise. (2008) ‘An Ulster Tale in Breadalbane? Personæ and literary allusion in the poetry of Mòr Chaimbeul’, Aiste 2, pp. 43-69.

Book sections

  • (In press) Mathis, Kate Louise. ‘Presence, absence, & audience: The elegies of Sìleas na Ceapaich “At Home” & “Abroad”’. In Dye, Sierra, Ewan, Elizabeth and Glaze, Alice (eds.) Gender and mobility in Scotland and Abroad. Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies: Guelph;
  • Mathis, Kate Louise. (2013) An Irish Poster Girl? Writing Deirdre during the Revival. In Maley, Willy, Lyons, Paddy and Miller, John (eds.) Romantic Ireland from Tone to Gonne: Fresh perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Ireland. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle, pp. 29-46. ISBN 9781443844208;
  • Mathis, Kate Louise. (2013) Parallel Wives: Deirdriu and Lúaine in Longes mac n-Uislenn & Tochmarc Lúaine ogus Aided Athairne. In Toner, Gregory and Mac Mathúna, Seamus (eds.) Ulidia 3. Curach Bhán Publications: Berlin, pp. 17-25. ISBN 9783942002080.