Harry Brennan

Research title: Transatlantic Gendered Identities in the early modern Atlantic, c.1650-1750

Research Summary

I study how men and women in the early modern Atlantic experienced that world as men and women, and explore how that world in turn shaped their identities. Building on my Masters research and focusing on the period 1660-1760, I focus on the shaping of these transatlantic gender identities within the ‘British Atlantic’ (Scotland, England and their colonies). I draw on broader histories of violence, emotion, subjectivity and gender, and aim to reframe how we view the experiences of colonial Europeans in this period.



  • AHRC DTP 2018-2021 - Fees and Stipend to cover my PhD research at the University of Glasgow


Papers presented at the Virginia Forum 2018 (Transatlantic Masculinity and William Byrd II (1674-1744)) and Historicising Masculinities 2019 (Masculinities Cast Adrift: Studying Class and Early Modern Masculinity at Sea, c.1600-1800)