Hanna Kilpi

My thesis examines the place of lesser aristocratic women in twelfth-century England. Lesser aristocratic women have often been overlooked in modern historiography because it has often been assumed that there is very little evidence of them. Instead, the experiences of all women have been seen as represented in the more substantial evidence of elite secular and religious women. My thesis questions this by focusing on lesser aristocratic women in England, particularly Oxfordshire, Suffolk, and Yorkshire, for which charters provided the main material.

I am interested in women’s participation in charters and how this was expressed in charters. My thesis looks at how women’s identity and marital status affected their agency and roles and how women could influence families and local society. I am also interested in the use of seals with charters and how material culture expressed identity and agency.

(forthcoming), Kilpi, Hanna I., ‘Lesser aristocratic women in twelfth-century charters – a Lincolnshire case-study’, Medieval Prosopography

(2014), Kilpi, Hanna I., ‘Review of Susan M. Johns, Gender, Nation and Conquest in the High Middle Ages: Nest of Deheubarth (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013)’ for Reviews in History (online)

  • Osk. Huttunen foundation, 2013-2015, Doctoral Research Grant
  • The Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust, (2012) 
  • Marian McNeill Senior Bursary, (2011) University of Glasgow, College of Arts
  • University of Glasgow, Subject Area research grants - History (2012 June; 2013 July, August; 2013 November)
  • University of Glasgow College of Arts research grants (2013 April, May; 2014 January, March)
  • Royal Historical Society postgraduate travel grant (2012 November for use in 2013)

Conference Organising Grants

  • Royal Historical Society (2013)
  • Viking Society for Northern Research (2013)
  • University of Glasgow, Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies (2013)
  • University of Glasgow, War Studies (2013)
  • University of Glasgow College of Arts New Initiatives Fund (2014)
  • 2014, Unveiling lesser aristocratic women in twelfth-century England: The families of Rumilly and Arches, Gender and Medieval Studies Conferece, University of Winchester
  • 2013, Living Like a Queen?: Patronage and Courts of Aristocratic Women in 12th-Century England, Leeds International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds
  • 2013, The importance of flexible female identity in twelfth century Yorkshire charters, Revealing Records V, Kings College London,
  • 2013, Exploring the role of aristocratic women in religious patronage in twelfth-century Lincolnshire, New Perspectives on Medieval Lincolnshire, Lincoln
  • 2013, In search of noble women in twelfth century Yorkshire: the charter evidence, Medieval History Seminar Series, University of Glasgow
  • 2012, ‘pro salute anime mee’ – Motivations and ‘rules’ for personal commemoration in twelfth-century York, Leeds International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds
  • 2012, Exploring the place of lesser aristocratic women in 12th Century English society: Hawise de Kyme and the expansion of family influence, Gender and Transgression in the Middle Ages, University of St Andrews


Level 1 Teaching

  • History 1A: Scotland’s Millenium: Kingdom, Union and Nation, c. 1000-1999, Seminar tutor
  • History 1B: Europe Rising. The Medieval World, 500-1500, Seminar tutor

Honours/Level 4 Teaching

  • The Norman Conquest, Seminar tutor & Contributor and guest lecturer