Dario Mortini

My primary research focus is in epistemology, especially knowledge-first epistemology, but I am also interested in a number of related issues in philosophy of mind and metaphysics. In my dissertation, I set out to explore the different ways in which knowledge comes first, i.e. different priorities of knowledge (normative, conceptual and metaphysical), and further theses stemming from the acceptance of such priorities. In particular, I am interested in questions like the following: why should we not analyse knowledge in more basic elements? If knowledge cannot be analysed, can we still something informative about it? Is knowledge a mental state in its own right? If so, what kind of mental state is it? Can factive mental states play any relevant epistemological roles? 

In addition, I also have interests in collective epistemology, in particular how to best analyse epistemic properties of groups such as group knowledge, group belief and group virtues.

Research title: Putting Knowledge First in Epistemology and the Mind


  • AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership. (Fees Only)
  • College of Arts Scholarship (Stipend)

Additional Information

  • Member of Cogito (Glasgow Epistemology Group)