Research Summary

Chris is an AHRC-funded researcher in the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute.

His research aims to address the interrelationship between the physical and the digital from a number of interconnected interdisciplinary perspectives and frameworks. It examines how information is processed biologically, experienced phenomenologically and expressed (socio)technologically through media, networks, physical interfaces and infrastructures.

By studying digital and analogue lifeworlds, and the crossovers between these often artificially separated domains, his research explores how, as biosemiotic machines, we interact through different forms of environment coupling, and so – in processes parallel to their analogue counterparts – partake in the emergent digital environments created by and residing upon ICT technologies and the Internet.



    • ‘Digitisation in the Cultural Sector and the Ethics of Digital Objects.’ Presented at Connected Life 2015: Our Digital Society. The Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford.
    • Forthcoming March 2016: ‘Networks and Meshworks : Sensual-Semiotic Existence Beyond the Human Umwelt.’ 
    • To be presented at the ‘Digital Mapping, Spatially-Based Storytelling’ seminar strand of the American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference.
    • Harvard University. 17-20 March 2016.

    Additional Information

    • Recipient of the 2005 George Saintsbury Prize, awarded annually to the best second-year English Literature student at the University of Edinburgh
    • Recipient of the 2011-12 AHRC Master’s funding for the Informatics department at City University London
    • Awarded AHRC funding for PhD research at the University of Glasgow, 2014-17
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