Dr Tim Peacock awarded the Royal Historical Society's Innovation in Teaching

Issued: Mon, 03 Aug 2020 11:06:00 BST

Congratulations to Tim Peacock who has won the 2020 Royal Historical Society's Innovation in Teaching Award.  Just one award is made annually of this prestigious prize.  This recognises Tim's outstanding work for the past five years on temporary LTS contracts in History and follows a previous university Teaching Excellence award.  His work with gaming and video applications in teaching is distinctive, and he is a founding director of the Artslab Games and Gaming lab.  We are very fortunate that his contract has been renewed so that he can take charge of Mathilde's LTDF War Game project next year in War Studies and provide advice to colleagues on video/remote teaching methods.  Alongside his outstanding teaching, he also holds an Eccles Fellowship from the British Library.  Congratulations Tim!

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