About Us

The Poverty Research Network brings together scholars from different disciplines, working on broad themes of poverty and social justice from the local to the global level. This includes investigating the cultural and historical contexts of attitudes towards poverty, wealth, and charity around the world, and contemporary global debates on inequality and humanitarian strategies.

The project was founded by historians based at the University of Warwick in 2016, as part of the Warwick Global History & Culture Centre.

Since then the Network has hosted a series of interdisciplinary workshops and guest seminars, generously supported by the Warwick Global History & Culture Centre, the Warwick Institute of Advanced Study, and Warwick Global Research Priorities: International Development.

Beyond Development: Local Visions of Global Poverty

In late 2016 we were awarded an exciting grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), to establish a Research Network for International Development. Beginning on 1 November 2016, the 24-month grant will internationalise the Poverty Research Network by holding workshop events at partner institutions in Bangladesh, Brazil, Mexico, Slovenia, and South Africa.

These workshops will explore how different narratives of poverty and poverty reduction have been conceptualised and articulated in specific countries, and feed these back to policymakers and practitioners at home. For more info please see our dedicated project page.