The Legacy of the Roman Republican Senate: final programme

Final programme

In the Hugh Fraser Room, Wolfson Medical School Building (C8 on map)

September 6th

1.30-2 Registration

2-2.15 Welcome and introduction (Simon Ball, School of Humanities, University of Glasgow)

2.15-3.15 Catherine Steel, University of Glasgow
‘Senatus populusque romanus: power, authority and change in the Roman Republic’

3.15-4.15 Matthew Roller, Johns Hopkins University
‘Pliny’s delight: or, why the Roman Imperial senate is just as good as the Republican one’.

4.15-4.45 Tea/coffee

4.45-5.45 Massimiliano Vitiello, University of Missouri, Kansas City
‘The reception of the Senatorial Ideology of the Late Republic in the Senate of Late Antiquity’

6pm: Stevenson Trust Lecture by Professor Iain Hampsher-Monk Shuffling the conceptual pack: Republics and Federations, Senates and Aristocracies at the American Founding.  In the Sir Charles Wilson Building (E15 on map)

September 7th

9.15-10.15 Thomas Munck, University of Glasgow
  ‘Res publica, patrician power and the people in early modern Europe: politics in theory and practice’

10.15-11.15 Beatrice da Vela, University College London
‘Between inspiration and renovation: imageries of the Convention National and the Roman Senate’

11.15-11.45 Tea/coffee

11.45-12.45 Ben Earley, University of Bristol
‘The Roman Senate as an historical agent and political model in the French Revolution’

12.45-2.15 Lunch

2.15-3.15 MikoĊ‚aj Getka-Kenig, University of Warsaw
‘Classical Tradition and Polish Idea of Senate in The Age of Revolution (1791 – 1831)’  

3.15-4.15 Carl Richard, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
‘The Roman Senate and the theory of mixed government’

4.15-4.45 Tea/coffee

4.45-5.45 Nicholas Cole, St. Peters College, University of Oxford
‘American Bicameralism and the Roman Senate’

6pm: Stevenson Trust Lecture by Donald R Shell Does Scotland need a Senate? In the Sir Charles Wilson Building (E15 on map)

September 8th

9.15-10.15 Barbara Lawatsch Melton, Emory University
‘Constructing Roman Senators in Germany and British North America: A Comparative Approach’

10.15-11.15 Sandra Gustafson, University of Notre Dame
'From Deliberation to Party Politics: The Image of the Roman Republican Senate in the Early United States'

11.15-11.45 Tea/coffee

11.45-12.45 Dean Hammer, Franklin and Marshall College
‘The Roman Senate in Hannah Arendt’s Political Thought’

12.45  Close