Rannsachadh air Litreachas Gàidhlig

Published by Celtic & Gaelic at the University of Glasgow, AISTE is devoted to the study of Gaelic literature, medieval and modern, Irish and Scottish, as well as to the languages in which that literature is written, and the cultures and histories which give it context.

Submissions are welcome in Gaelic, Irish or English.

It is a fully refereed journal, supported by a distinguished international advisory board, and will be published twice a year.  Potential contributors should download the Aiste Style Sheet which is a .pdf document, for useful information on how to format their contributions.

Send submissions to:
The Editors, Aiste, Celtic and Gaelic, 3 University Gardens, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ or to 

Advisory Board Members

  • Dr Meg Bateman (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig)
  • Mr Ronald Black (Peebles)
  • Prof. Emer. Angela Bourke (University College Dublin)
  • Prof. William Gillies (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Barbara Hillers (University College, Dublin)
  • Dr William Mahon (Aberystwyth University)
  • Prof. Joseph F. Nagy (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Prof. Máire Ní Annracháin (University College Dublin)
  • Prof. Máirín NicEóin (Coláiste Phádraig, Dublin)
  • Dr Michelle NicLeòid (University of Aberdeen)
  • Prof. Colm Ó Baoill (University of Aberdeen)
  • Dr Mícheál Ó Mainnín (Queens University, Belfast)
  • Prof. Alan Titley (University College Cork)
  • Prof. Gregory Toner (Queens University, Belfast)
  • Dr Christopher Whyte (Budapest)

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Aiste 5 - 2019

Aiste 5 cover page

Aiste 4 - 2014

Clàr-Innse  /  Contents:

Aiste 4

Patrick Wadden
Cath Ruis na Ríg for Bóinn: History and literature in twelfth-century Ireland 

Eystein Thanisch
What the Butlers Saw: Acallam na Senórach and its marginalia in the Book of the White Earl 

Sorcha Nic Lochlainn
Making the foreign familiar: The Gaelicisation of the classical ballad

Natasha Sumner
How Popean was Rob Donn? A study in intertextuality

Peadar Ó Muircheartaigh
Donnchadh Bàn air a chuairt: From Glen Orchy to Dublin, calling at Edinburgh, London, and Copenhagen

Michael Newton
Unsettling Iain mac Mhurchaidh’s slumber: The Carolina Lullaby, authorship, and the influence of print media on Gaelic oral tradition

Méadhbh Nic an Airchinnigh & Lillis Ó Laoire
Caointe agus amhráin chrúite: Is le gach bó a lao agus is le gach caoineadh a cheol’  

Michael Linkletter
‘Unless I publish them, they are likely to perish’: The publishing activities of Alexander Maclean Sinclair, 1880-1904

Aiste 3 - 2009-2010

Clàr-innse : Contents

Aiste 3

Mícheál B. Ó Mainnín
Narrative construction and toponymic exploitation: Ard Macha and related names in medieval Irish texts

Sheila M. Kidd
Turtaran is faclairean: Ceanglaichean eadar Gàidheil na h-Alba agus Gàidheil nan Innseachan an Iar

Alan Titley
Respectability, English & football: Gaelic games before the GAA,  and the works of Liam Ó Caithnia

Niall O’ Gallagher
Sùil eile air bàrdachd ‘Ghlaschu-ach’ Ruaraidh MhicThòmais

Mairead NicDhonnchaidh
Neo-mhaireannachd agus còrdadh ann an An Oidhche Mus do Sheòl Sinn

Aiste 2 - 2008

Clàr-innse : Contents

Aiste 2

A recently discovered critical essay by Somhairle MacGill-Eain: 

Five Gaelic poems – regional, national or European?

Emma Dymock
Sorley MacLean’s ‘Overture’: a study of Douglas Young’s introduction to ‘An Cuilithionn’

Kate Louise Mathis
An Ulster Tale in Breadalbane? Personae and literary allusion in the poetry of Mòr Chaimbeul

Thomas Owen Clancy
Die like a man? The Ulster Cycle death-tale anthology *

Raghnall MacilleDhuibh
Gairm: An aois

* Centenary Essays on Gaelic Literature (continued from ASTE 1)‌

Aiste 1 - 2007

Clàr-innse : ContentsAiste 1


Aiste: An Introduction

Derick S. Thomson
Scottish Gaelic Literary History and Criticism in the Twentieth Century 

Christopher Whyte
Derick Thomson: The Recent Poetry

Michel Byrne
Cò leis a’ mhuir? Mac Iain Dheòrsa, Coinneach MacLeòid agus an Ciaradh Gàidhealach

Donald E. Meek
Faking the ‘True Gael’? Carmina Gadelica and the Beginning of Modern Gaelic Scholarship

Donald MacAulay
Dàin Iain Ghobha

William Gillies
‘Merely a Bard’? William Ross and Gaelic Poetry

Kaarina Hollo
The Ulster Cycle, the Law-tracts, and the Medieval Court: The Depiction of Senchae mac Ailella, Aurlabraid Ulad

Abigail Burnyeat
The Early Irish Grammaticus? òir (1) *