Scottish and North Atlantic

Scottish and North Atlantic

Taken collectively, we represent the largest group of scholars actively researching the archaeology of Scotland. Scotland’s archaeological record is a precious resource for understanding the wider human experience, as evidenced by its five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, covering ancient prehistory (Heart of Neolithic Orkney) to the some of Europe’s best surviving Roman remains (Antonine Wall) to the Enlightenment (New Lanark). Human occupation in Scotland reaches back to the Final Upper Palaeolithic, more than 10,000 years before the historical period, and our research currently spans the Mesolithic to the present day. 

Our approach to Scottish archaeology recognises the connections with the rest of Britain, Ireland and NW Europe and promotes collaboration with cognate scholars in History and Celtic as well as with all the national bodies responsible for Scottish heritage (Historic Scotland, Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments in Scotland, National Trust for Scotland, National Museums of Scotland). 

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