Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

The research of the Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies research group revolves around issues of social identity, culture contact, social landscapes, production and exchange, early states and empires, and social archaeology generally. We have a shared interest in colonial experiences and post-colonial reactions, both in antiquity and in the recent past, particularly culture contact, Mediterranean connectivity and commercial-colonial connections. A strong science-based component is concerned with the interface between analytical work, technological and industrial practice, environmental context and social interpretation. 

Our group is also distinguished by its contribution to the development of regional survey theory and practice throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East, with broad geographical coverage from east to west, including Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Greece, Italy and Spain. We have carried through to publication several regional archaeological survey projects, while surveys and excavations are currently underway in Sardinia and Turkey. 

Other recent or forthcoming publications include synthetic words on the historical archaeology of the colonised (Mediterranean and British), Punic rural archaeology, Cypriot prehistory and protohistory, and the archaeology of empire in Late Bronze Age Anatolia. 

We regularly publish individual papers on the prehistoric and historical Mediterranean and Near East  in refereed journals, such as Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, Journal of Roman Archaeology, International Journal of Historical Archaeology, American Journal of Archaeology, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research and Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. Publishing innovative research and theoretical approaches to Mediterranean archaeology, the international, peer-reviewed Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology is co-edited by members of the group. 

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