Patrick Jolicoeur

PhD Candidate
MLitt (Distinction) in Archaeology, University of Glasgow, 2014
B.A. (with Honours and Distinction) in Anthropology, University of Victoria, 2013
Contact Information
Room 322
Department of Archaeology
Gregory Building
University of Glasgow
Lilybank Gardens
Glasgow G12 8QQ
Telephone (work): 0141 330 3925

Research title

Cultural Contacts and Exchange of Metal in the Eastern Arctic AD 700-1300

Research summary

My doctoral research is focusing on the use and exploitation of metal and what that can tell us about the inter- and intra-cultural interactions of the Late Dorset, a group that lived in the Arctic between roughly AD 700 and 1300. Recent research has shown that the Dorset are genetically distinct from both pre- and post-contact Inuit populations and the neighbouring Greenlandic Norse. Despite this genetic isolation, the Late Dorset had long-ranging trade networks throughout much of the Canadian Arctic at this time. The nature of their exchange networks in relation to other changes seen in the archaeology of the Late Dorset, the changing climate, and incoming populations is still being debated. My PhD research will include portable X-Ray Fluorescence analysis (pXRF) of Late Dorset metal tools and an assessment of potential proxy indicators of metal use on organic and lithic tools. The pXRF analysis will help disentangle the various sources of metal that the Late Dorset were using while the proxy indicator analysis will potentially help demonstrate the scale of metal use. Using both approaches together, I hope to build on previous research on the subject and help explore not only what metal exploitation can tell us about Late Dorset social networks but more importantly the impact the material had in creating, modifying and perhaps even challenging them.

I am strongly committed to using a holistic approach in my research, combining environmental and archaeological datasets with a strong theoretical framework. My main interests concern cultural contacts and exchange of the Arctic throughout its history although I am particularly interested in the centuries surrounding the start of the second millennium AD. I am always eager to hear about the novel ways archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scientists have used to engage with the human history of the Circumpolar North.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to collaborate on a project.



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Conference Papers

Jolicoeur, P. 2016. Not Like the Others: the Excavation of an 18th Century Inuit Sod House. University of Glasgow Department of Archaeology Seminar Series. October 26th.

Jolicoeur, P. 2015. The Dorset is in the Detail: The Social Aspects of Late Dorset Art, Artefacts, and Architecture. Presented at the University of Glasgow Arts Postgraduate Conference in Glasgow, UK. May 26th-27th.

Jolicoeur, P. 2015. Interactions on the Fringe: Cultural Contacts in the Arctic AD 900-1500. Presented at The Scottish Society for Northern Studies Conference: Norse and Native in Northwest Europe in Edinburgh, UK. May 21st.

Jolicoeur, P. 2015. Meeting at the Analytical Crossroads: the Present and Future of Cultural Contacts between the Dorset, Norse, and Thule in the eastern Canadian Arctic and Greenland. Presented at the Nordic Research Network in Edinburgh, UK. February 18th-19th.

Jolicoeur, P. 2014. Three’s Company? A Critical Analysis of Contact between the Dorset, Norse, and Thule. Presented at the Society for Medieval Archaeology Student Colloquium in Belfast, UK. November 13th-15th.

Jolicoeur, P. 2014. Of Sailors and Whalers: Norse-indigenous contact in Greenland and the eastern Canadian Arctic. Presented at the Early Medieval Student Symposium in Durham, UK. May 19th-21st.

Jolicoeur, P. 2013. Breaking the Circle: the Creation of an Academic and Creative Project. Presented at the University of Victoria Anthropology M-Ideafest in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. March 15th.

Jolicoeur, P. 2013. Norse-Thule Culture Contact in the Canadian Arctic and Greenland. Presented at the University of Victoria Medieval Studies Course Union Colloquium in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. March 12th.

Conference Posters

Jolicoeur, P. 2015. Arctic Mettle: Interaction and Exchange Expressed through Late Dorset Metal-Use. Poster presented at the Canadian Archaeological Association Annual Meeting in St. John’s, Canada. April 29th-May 3rd.


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Conference Organisation

I co-organised an interdisciplinary conference attached to the Nordic Research Network that took place on May 4th 2016.