BANEA Annual Conference

Glasgow, 4-6 January 2017 

The University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh are proud to co-host the Annual Conference of the British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology with the overall theme of

Grand Challenges and Blue Skies in the Study of the Ancient Near East

Archaeology once again finds itself in a phase of intense self-reflection, in Britain and internationally. This takes the form of foundational debates currently being held at the British Academy, in individual departments and in print: What is the purpose and nature of archaeological research? What is and what should be archaeology’s status, contribution and opportunities in inter-disciplinary collaborations? How can we address our discipline’s increasingly precarious institutional footing? The study of the Ancient Near East shares many of these challenges and at the same time is exceptionally well placed to address some of the longest-standing ‘Big Questions’ about the nature of human societies. It ought, thus, to claim a leading role in this wider discourse. At the same time, Ancient Near Eastern Studies and archaeology in particular face some of the greatest challenges that will require us to fundamentally rethink present and future disciplinary practice. These run the gambit from geographical inaccessibility and the looting and trafficking of antiquities in war zones to a profound gender imbalance in academic and field-work settings. The aim of BANEA 2017 is to provide a forum for reflection and discussion of these and other major challenges and opportunities arising in the study of the Ancient Near East. 

We are very pleased to announce that our plenary speaker will be Prof. Susan Pollock (Freie Universität Berlin).

Read more about our Session Themes here.

Conference fee: £70 (£40 for students)
Please note that all conference attendees must be BANEA members: £15 full membership, £7.50 student membership