Congratulations to Dr Susanna Harris on the publication of her paper

Dr Susanna Harris' latest paper is co-written with Bela Dimova and Margarita Gleba - it is now available in World Archaeology - read it online!

Susanna has 50 eprint copies available for those who would like a copy: please email her for one! 


Sails and textile technology played a key role in enabling mobility and thus shaping historical phenomena such as migration, trade, the acquisition and maintenance of imperial power in the ancient Mediterranean. Yet sails are nearly absent from analyses of ancient fleets, even in extensively studied cases like that of Classical Athens. This paper examines the demand and production of sailcloth, including labour and material requirements, and logistics. A consideration of the Athenian navy demonstrates that making sails involved significant amounts of labour and resources. Managing supplies and reserves of sailcloth constituted a significant challenge, which could be addressed through more intensive exploitation of textile workers, trade, and taxation.

First published: 7 February 2022