Digitally Exhibiting Textual Heritage: Workshop 1

Published: 19 January 2022

28 January 2022

The first of three forthcoming workshops hosted by Information Studies at the University of Glasgow and funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Workshops will be held online via Zoom, are free to attend, and are open to practitioners, researchers, and students. 

Digitally Exhibiting Textual Heritage: Workshop 1 - January 28th, 2022, 11am-1pm

This first of three workshops sees presentations from Daryl Green (University of Edinburgh Library), Suzanne Paul (Cambridge University Library), Julie Gardham (Glasgow University Library) and Prof. Maria Economou (Information Studies and The Hunterian Museum) to discuss the landscape of written heritage exhibitions, both physical and digital, and consider what we might learn from the use of digital interactives within the museum sector.

Considering the topic from both pre- and post-pandemic perspectives, and defining "exhibition spaces" very broadly to include various points of access, this workshop series brings together librarians and archivists, museum curators, artists, and researchers to discuss the challenges of physical and digital exhibition, and the possibilities of emerging digital technologies for connecting audiences with the written past. 

The schedule for Workshop 1 is below. To register, please do so at the Eventbrite link; Zoom details will be sent to attendees closer to the event. Details of Workshops 2 (end of February) and 3 (end of March) will be circulated in due course.


11:00: Welcome and Introduction, Dr Johanna Green, Information Studies, University of Glasgow

11:15: Daryl Green, University of Edinburgh Library - 'Book Exhibitions in a Digital World: Past and Present'

11.30: Julie Gardham, Glasgow University Library - '"Front runner or also ran?" A Gallop through the Performance of Archives and Special Collections at the University of Glasgow in the Virtual Exhibitions Race'

11:45: Suzanne Paul, Cambridge University Library - 'All the Books: Reflections on Making a Digital Library'

12:00: Prof. Maria Economou, Information Studies/The Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow - 'Digital Storytelling and Immersive Technologies in Exhibitions for Engaging Emotionally with Collections'

12:15-close: Q&A

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First published: 19 January 2022