A new 'virtual codicology' app

Published: 6 December 2020

A project led by Johanna Green and Bill Endres

We are excited to announce that 'Virtual Codicology' will be built by the Edify augmented learning platform. Led by Johanna Green and Bill Endres (University of Oklahoma), the app will bring study of book history & exploration of 3Dmanuscripts to virtual environment!

The University have won another 2 submission in a competition to develop new virtual teaching environments on the edify platform, developed by the technology company Sublime in partnership with Project Mobius, led by Fiona Macpherson and Neil McDonnell in Philosophy. The competition received 160 entries overall from universities around the world, and 16 winners will now see their proposals developed into virtual environments for teaching and learning. Many congratulations to Glasgow’s three winners, listed below.

  • Pauline Mackay (Scottish Literature) – A virtual Burns experience
  • Johanna Green (Information Studies) – Virtual codicology
  • Chris Messenger (Physics) – A virtual experience around relativistic physics

First published: 6 December 2020