Degree Programmes

Currently, Ancestral Studies can be taken as MSc, MRes, PGDip and PGCert degrees. You can also take courses as modules where you will build up course credits over time.

Ancestral Studies is designed to be as flexible as possible therefore there are only two core modules:

Research Methods for Ancestral Studies (20 credits) introduces students to key research methodologies and practices drawn from a range of disciplines. Students will receive an introduction to specialist and transferable skills such as working with archives and online genealogical resources, visual culture, heritage landscapes, museums and material culture. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation of primary sources.

Approaches to Ancestral Studies (20 credits) provides a conceptual framework for exploring core themes of the discipline through weekly topics drawn from multiple disciplines. Students will consider questions of identity (genetic and social), examine current trends in family history and heritage research and address questions of past generations and their experiences of place, language and material culture. Students will be exposed to theoretical, critical and practical insights from across the arts, humanities and sciences to explore ancestry, relational identity, intellectual inheritance and memory works.

Students may then fulfill their remaining credit requirement by taking optional modules from Subjects across the University.* Indicative optional modules include:

* At the discretion of the programme convener and dependent upon the availability on any given year.