Reminder to line managers to record KIT/SPLIT days in HR Core

On agreement with their line manager, employees may work up to a maximum of 10 days during their maternity leave period. These days are known as “keeping in touch” (KIT) days, or SPLIT days where parental leave is shared.

IHW line managers are reminded that it is their responsibility to monitor KIT and SPLIT days and to record these within the Manager Self Service area of CoreHR within five days of the employee attending work.

This is done from within the "Manager/Staff Requests" area of the HR portal:

  • Log in to CoreHR portal 
  • Go to Manager Dashboard then, from the LH menu, click on Manager/Staff Requests
  • In the Manager Requests window, click on CREATE REQUEST
  • On the Create Request page, populate the Employee Details section as follows:
    • In the Employee field click on the downward arrow and select the name of the staff member who is requesting a KIT/SPLIT day (or key in their name). The Employee ID and Appointment fields will then populate automatically.
    • In the Request Type field, click on the downward arrow and select "Keeping in touch days" or "Shared Parental - SPLIT days" as applicable. (A new row will then open up under Request Details.)
  • In the Request Details section, add the start date, end date, number of days, number of hours and the relevant project code.
  • Click on the Submit button, bottom right (or the Save button if you have details still to add and wish to return to this request at another time). 

Extract from HR core manager request page

If you have any difficult submitting a manager request, please place a call with the UofG Helpdesk where there is a specific area for queries relating to CoreHR.

More information about KIT and SPLIT days is available on the UoG website.

Thank you for your help 

IHW Admin

First published: 21 September 2020