The Family Study

The Family Study

The Family Study is a cardiorespiratory investigation of two generations.

The original Renfrew/Paisley cohort contained 4064 married couples. During 1993-94 their offspring were traced and those aged 30-59 living locally were invited to take part. In all 2338 offspring (1040 sons and 1298 daughters from 1477 families) attended the cardiorespiratory examination in 1996 and completed the survey questionnaire.

The 33 page questionnaire used in the study included socio-demographic details, family history and childhood circumstance and lifestyle, as well as questions on cardio-respiratory symptoms similar to those included in all the Midspan studies. Offspring also completed the European Community Health Survey questionnaire and the Yarnell Food Frequency questionnaire.

Midspan Family Study logoAt the clinic measurements included height, weight, spirometry, electr‌ocardiogram. Blood samples, including DNA, were collected and stored.

Subsequent analyses and investigations have made use of data from two generations. The data have also been used as a sampling frame for further studies based on families of interest.

Opportunities exist for widening the scope of this data set. Between 2000-2003 surviving parents were contacted to provide a blood sample for DNA analyses. The stored data and samples, and the availability for study of large numbers of adult offspring, provide major continuing opportunities to study inter-generational trends and the familial aggregation of risk and disease.