Public Health

Chronic Disease Research 

Cardiovascular disease

Scottish Coronary Revascularisation Register

  • Covers all diagnostic catheterisations, percutaneous coronary intervention and cardiac surgery across Scotland from 1996 to present
  • Comprehensive information on disease severity, comorbidity, demographics, procedural information and in-hospital complications
  • Linkage to routine hospital admission (SMR1) and death certificate data provides follow-up information on survival, cardiac events, readmission and repeat procedures
  • International collaboration with similar registries in Canada (Approach), Belgium and the Mayo Clinic to study international variations in practice

Heartstart Register

  • Pan-Scotland register
  • 1981 to present
  • Over 30,000 pre-hospital arrests
  • Rolling programme of research studies

UK Biobank

  • Prospective cohort study
  • Aim of 500,000 participants (>half-way)
  • 30 year follow-up
  • Resource for studying the separate and combined effects of genes, lifestyle and environment on common complex diseases (such as cardiovascular disease)