New COVID-19 engagement tool

Published: 13 January 2021

Explore how the Covid-19 response has influenced health and wellbeing across society.

Published 13th January 2021

Researchers at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit have created an online tool which aims to help people explore the wider impacts of the pandemic on health and society, with a focus on inequalities.

While the tool is aimed at a general audience, it is hoped that upper secondary school pupils will find it particularly useful.

The issues covered in the tool cut across the Unit’s research programmes and include relationships, employment and income, education, and the environment. Each issue includes links to a wide variety of information sources and a poll to gauge people's opinions.

The tool cannot possibly capture all of the far-reaching consequences and personal experiences of COVID-19. It is intended as a useful starting point for conversations about how the pandemic may have affected people’s lives, highlighting how the differences in people’s health across the population and between specific population groups are unjust and avoidable.

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First published: 13 January 2021

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