ESRC Festival of Social Science 2022

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The 20-minute neighbourhood research project aims to understand what local places are important to young people's health outcomes. This directly links to the Scottish Government's living locally agenda. Governments worldwide are designing local areas so you can walk to places from your home. A '20-minute neighbourhood' means that it would only take 10 minutes to walk to places such as shops, school, the doctor's, a park or to meet a friend. This has the potential to create healthy and sustainable places by reducing the requirement for car travel.

We have created an interactive online tool where you can search for your home, just like Google Maps. It then shows whether there is a food shop, park, school, cinema or library, within a 10 minute walk of home. We are asking young people to think about what they have available in their local area and then complete the Place Standard Tool for Children and Young People. The tool has been adapted and developed by the Scottish Government, Play Scotland and A Place in Childhood, in consultation with children and young people.

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