Raquel Bosó Pérez

E-Mail: 2402006B@student.gla.ac.uk   
Funder: Medical Research Council

Research summary

Masters title: What do young people understand by ‘sexual wellbeing’ and how do they seek to attain it?

Research summary: This qualitative study will explore how young people define and experience sexual wellbeing; their expectations of ‘good enough’ sex for their own encounters; what they wish they’d known more about at the start; and how they ‘learn’ (or otherwise) from early experiences. In particular, it will explore sexual problems; what young people see as problematic; and how they respond to the problems they encounter. The research will contribute to the sex positive agenda in sex education policy by identifying structural, social and interpersonal mechanisms influencing early intimate relationships. The study will seek to identify both key messages and intervention approaches through which young people may be supported to attain sexual wellbeing.

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