GIPSI staff

Professor Chris Williams
Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Director of Glasgow Institute for Psychosocial Interventions (GIPSI)

Professor Andrew Gumley 
Professor in Clinical Psychology/Honorary Consultant Psychologist

Ms Catriona Kent
Nurse Consultant - Psychosocial Interventions


Research students, staff and training teams

South of Scotland Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course staff

  • Dr Sean Harper (Course Senior Tutor)
  • Dr Leeanne Nicklas
  • Dr Shirley Platz (Course Tutor)
  • Ms Elizabeth Shearer (Administrator)
  • Fiona Switzer

SPIRIT staff

  • Sarah Macintyre (SPIRIT Trainer)
  • Donna MacKenzie (Administrator)
  • Anne Wills