Statistical methods for HTA and evidence based medicine

This course aims to equip students with the necessary statistical skills so they can analyse and interpret data that commonly arise from health technology assessments and evidence based medicine more generally. Furthermore, to provide students with the necessary background knowledge and experience so they can critically appraise published work from a statistical perspective.

Key facts

  • Course dates: 10th January - 25th March 2022
  • Online Distance Learning (ODL)
  • Non-accredited, but with a certificate of attendance
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Purpose: This course will deliver the fundamentals of statistical methodology that underpin health technology assessment and evidence based medicine.
Content: summarising data, Frequentist and Bayesian approaches, probability and probability distributions, measures of effect size, linear and logistical regression, fundamentals of survival analysis. 
Course Co-ordinator: Jim Lewsey

Why this programme?

  • Our faculty are world-class experts in their fields, who are active not only in research and teaching, but also involved in HTA decision-making at a national level (e.g. through NICE, SHTAG).
  • Our teaching is research-led. The courses have been developed to reflect the latest academic research and up-to-date challenges in HTA decision-making.
  • During the course, from week to week you will interact with your teachers and fellow participants. Your teachers will direct and observe the discussion, and respond to participant questions about the course content.


Online distance learning at the University of Glasgow allows you to benefit from the outstanding educational experience that we are renowned for, without having to relocate to our campus.
You do not need to have experience of studying online as you will be guided through how to access and use all of our online resources.

Virtual learning

You will connect with your fellow participants and tutors through our virtual learning environment where you will have access to a multitude of learning resources including:

  • recorded lectures
  • videos
  • interactive quizzes

Great emphasis is placed on making sure you feel well supported in your learning and that you have good interactions with everyone on the programme.  Support is available in a number of ways and you will find out more about this during orientation.

All you need to participate in our online programmes is a computer and internet access. 

Programme structure

10 week online course comprising 10 lectures and accompanying practical exercises. The lectures will be 45min/1hr in duration and exercises associated with lectures will take a notional 2 hours for the participants to complete. Each week the academic lead will be responsible for monitoring and contributing to the discussion board. The exercise solutions will be posted on moodle the following week.  

Full details of the 10 weeks of the Statistical methods for HTA and evidence based medicine.

Registration and Fees

Fees are:

£660 for low and middle income countries (LMICs)

£704 for public/academic sector delegates and

£1,100 for commercial/private sector

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In exceptional circumstances, we can invoice your institution for payment.

Entry Requirements and Assessment

As this course is not accredited, there are no course-specific entry requirements and there is no assessment.

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