GPs at the Deep End spreads nationally and internationally

The Scottish Deep End Project, coordinated by general practice colleagues at the University of Glasgow (including Emeritus Prof Graham Watt, Dr David Blane, Dr Andrea Williamson and Dr Marianne McCallum) began in 2009.

It has now spread internationally with similar projects in Ireland, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Canberra, Plymouth, North East and North Cumbria, Nottinghamshire and North West London, all with variants of the Scottish logo.

Photo of a poster of Deep End logos They show the deep end of a swimming pool, the steep slope of need and the flat distribution of resource plus local emblems reflecting their locality.

The Scottish logo includes a thistle and spurtle (a stirring instrument) while the whole thing is a flag for rallying under.

The projects differ in scale and resource but are united in aiming to improve health at the bottom of the health care slope. Successes in Scotland have been the rollout of community links practitioners and the recent Scottish Government announcement of 150 financial advisors to be embedded in general practices serving the most deprived areas.

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First published: 14 March 2018

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