Guidelines and policies

SHW flexitime scheme 

Whilst University of Glasgow has no formal policy on flexitime in the workplace, flexitime schemes are currently in operation across the university. There are some variations in these, and this is an amended version of a scheme which has been in use very effectively in Public Health and HEHTA for a number of years.

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Changes to this scheme following COVID-19

There have been significant changes to the working practices of SHW staff and our overall culture during the pandemic e.g.

  • increased flexibility for all staff, irrespective of job family, role or grade;
  • adoption of the underlying principle of "finish your work not your hours", focussing on the output (doing the work) rather than the process (when/where we do it) See SHW guidance on good practice for remote working and UofG best practice for working from home;
  • renewed commitment to helping staff achieve good work/life balance, including an acknowledgement of non-work responsibilities, priorities and challenges, and the importance of making time to look after our physical and emotional wellbeing.

In the light of these changes, at least some of which may become permanent, we will be reviewing and revising this flexitime scheme to ensure that it remains useful and workable. In the meantime, all professional services staff up to and including Grade 6 are welcome to continue participating in this scheme.

The current scheme

The aim of this scheme is to formalise a flexible system of attendance, with anticipated benefits for both individuals (improved work-life balance/management of caring responsibilities, increased sense of wellbeing in the workplace, reduced stress) and teams or units (increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, a positive workforce, improved staff retention).

It is fundamental that the scheme should not interfere with, or reduce the efficiency of, normal activities or levels of service.

This scheme should not be confused with the formal UofG flexible working policy which is available across the university.

Staff to whom flexitime scheme applies

All staff up to and including grade 6.

Standard full and half days

To be used in the calculation of flexi-leave. i.e. 7 hours/3.5 hours, for MRC TUPEd staff 7.2 hours/3.6 hours.

Bandwidth (the period between the earliest start time and latest finish time)

8.00am to 6.00pm and time counted in 15 minute blocks. Staff are required to make themselves aware of locking up procedures at their local site and the UofG Lone Working Policy prior to taking up flexitime.

Core time (the time when staff must be at work)

2 blocks: 10.00am to 12 noon and 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Time will be calculated in 15 minute blocks

Cover for reception areas

Reception areas should be covered to meet the operational requirements of each unit.

Flexible period

8.00am to 10.00am, 12 noon to 2.00pm and 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

Lunch break

In the interests of health, safety and wellbeing, adequate time should be taken for breaks during the day. Lunch will normally be taken between 12 noon and 2.00pm.

Accounting period (the period during which the total contractual hours must be worked).

Period will be 4 calendar weeks (13 blocks x 4 in 52 week year).

Flexi-leave/credit hours

Half a day (3.5 hours/MRC TUPEd 3.6 hours) per accounting period may be taken as leave, with prior approval from line managers.

A credit (time owed to the employee) carried forward to the next accounting period must not exceed 3.5/3.6 hours. Credit in excess of 3.5/3.6 hours will be lost.

Opt out arrangements

Staff deciding to continue with a standard working day of 9.00am to 5.00pm (with one hour for lunch) may formally opt out of the flexitime scheme.


There is no budget provision for overtime. Paid overtime (outwith the flexitime bandwidth) will only be possible in exceptional circumstances and will require prior approval from line managers. NB In accordance with GU policy, staff on grades 6
and above are not eligible to receive overtime payments for additional hours worked.

Recording system

The individual is responsible for recording their hours accurately, to allow line managers to review at any time, and sign off when flexi-leave is requested.

Line managers will confirm method of recording. In some units, a password protected electronic spreadsheet will be filled in by each staff member each day. These time sheets will be held on a shared drive/filestore with read-only access for line managers and participating staff, and checked routinely. Line managers are responsible for the efficient operation of the flexitime scheme i.e. with no adverse effect on normal activities or levels of service.

Abuse of flexitime/withdrawal of facility

Data recording will be monitored and subject to random checks. Abuse of the system will be considered a serious disciplinary offence and dealt with accordingly. 

Approved by SHW Athena SWAN professional services group
First approved June 2016
Last reviewed/updated June 2021
Next review due June 2023