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SHW voices: staff and students reflect

In October 2020, as part of efforts to ensure that the content of SHW's monthly newsletter, HAWKEYE, is balanced, inclusive and relatable, we launched our "SHW voices" feature.

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Anyone from within the school may contribute, with colleagues from all job families, and students, invited to "tell their story" or share experiences of working and studying in SHW that others might find interesting, helpful or inspiring. 

Examples of pieces written from a more personal perspective in previous editions of HAWKEYE have included:

"5-minutes with..." 

  • Kirstin Mitchell 
    Professor of Social Science and Public Health (MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)
  • Sharon Greenwood 
    Lecturer in Public Health/Programme Lead, on-campus Master of Public Health (Public Health)
  • Enni Miller  
    Communications Manager (MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)
  • Owen Nkoka 
    Research Associate Cohort Manager (Public Health and MEIRU)
  • Susan Grant 
    Community Engagement Officer (General Practice and Primary Care/SHW)
  • Julie Langan-Martin 
    Senior Clinical Lecturer (Mental Health and Wellbeing)
  • Elaine Hindle
    Survey Operations Manager (MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)
  • Peter Macfarlane 
    Emeritus Professor/Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Electrocardiology)
  • Elaine Rodgers 
    Projects Administrator (Robertson Centre for Biostatistics)
  • Rona Strawbridge/Rachel Allan 
    UKRI Innovation/Rutherford Fund Fellowship at HDR-UK (Mental Health and Wellbeing)/
    Admininistrative Assistant (Public Health and HEHTA)
  • Katie Gallacher 
    Senior Clinical Research Fellow (General Practice and Primary Care)
  • Lorna Dick 
    Programme Administrative Assistant (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)
  • Petra Meier 
    Professor of Public Health (MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)
  • Karen Penman 
    Administrative Assistant (General Practice and Primary Care)
  • Houra Haghpanahan 
    Research Associate (Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment)
  • Moira Sim 
    Project Manager (Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment)
  • Jana Anderson 
    Research Fellow (Public Health)
  • Rebecca Robinson 
    Project Manager (SHW Admin)
  • Tiago Zortea 
    Research Assistant (Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory)
  • Audrey Dickie 
    Administrative Assistant (SHW Admin)

Career development


Teaching and learning-related 

Parenting and caring 

Equality, diversity and inclusion 

Black Lives Matter 



Work/life balance

If you would like to discuss your idea for a reflective article, please contact HAWKEYE's editor, or send your content direct to