Athena SWAN in SHW

New staff induction

As part of our Athena Swan activities, we have worked hard to ensure that all staff receive a comprehensive new staff induction and that there is consistency in the way it is delivered and in its content.

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Each area of SHW has a member of staff (usually from the Management, Professional and Administrative job family) who takes responsibility for coordinating new staff induction. Line managers also have a key role to play in delivery, and in supporting new staff during the induction period, which is expected to last at least one month.

To support this process, we have devised:

  • An online repository (in Moodle) where all resources relating to new staff induction are stored, to make it quicker and easier for staff to find the information they need and to signpost mandatory training.
  • A new staff induction checklist completed jointly by the new staff member and the colleagues involved in delivering their induction. The aim of this is to ensure that all elements of the induction have been completed, that the staff member is well prepared for their new role, and has had opportunities to settle in to the SHW and broader college and university environments, and connect with their colleagues.

Topics and areas of activity that new staff are asked to familiarise themselves include:

  • HR policies and procedures (including leave entitlement)
  • IT policies
  • Data protection
  • The research environment
  • Career development (promotion, regrading, rewarding contribution, mentorship opportunities, training etc)
  • University of Glasgow and SHW's approach to supporting the health and wellbeing of its staff and students
  • University of Glasgow and SHW's approach to supporting work/life balance for its staff and students
  • Athena Swan, equality, diversity and inclusion

Evaluation of our induction procedures is ongoing to ensure that they remain fit for purpose, and enable us to make any improvements that may be indicated. All new staff are asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of their induction (usually at the end of one month) and the results are fed back annually to our Athena Swan self assessment team (SAT).

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