Events on in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

Events on in the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences

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TBC (22 March, 2017)

Speaker: Professor Simon Mudd


GES School Seminar (01 March, 2017)

Speaker: Professor Jenny Pickerill

Title: Environmentalists' temporalities: Urgency, transitions and the future

There is an urgency to many environmental campaigns that drives and motivates activists and is used as a logic and rationale for the campaigns. Yet part of the contemporary crisis of environmentalism is that the doomsday future scenarios predicted through such campaigns have rarely materialised. This talk explores how environmentalists conceive of time and how such an understanding is useful, problematic or relevant. Using case studies the different and complex implications of environmentalists' temporal understandings are examined. 

TBC (22 February, 2017)

Speaker: Dr Ian Mell

Title: Understanding Green Infrastructure praxis: evidence from policy-making, implementation and landscape valuation in the UK and globally

Green infrastructure planning has developed rapidly over a fifteen-year period to establish itself as a ‘go-to’ approach in landscape and urban planning. Grounded in a diverse range of landscape planning antecedents including Garden Cities and Greenways, green infrastructure advocates have aimed to use the concept to facilitate the design and delivery of more sustainable and multi-functional places. Taking a broader conceptual and implementation based approach the talk will explore how green infrastructure has been scoped, framed and actioned in globally using examples from the UK, India, Europe and the USA to highlight the added value that nature-based approaches to planning can provide. It also discusses how issues of scale, temporality and political/advocate rhetoric has influenced the ways in which people, nature and urban environments interact. The talk will conclude with a ‘state of the field’ assessment of the successes, barriers and future of green infrastructure as both an academic concept and as an approach to landscape and urban planning.  

TBC (18 January, 2017)

Speaker: Dr Pippa Whitehouse


Public engagement and pathways to impact (11 January, 2017)

Speaker: Prof Kevin O`Dell


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