Mr Hyesop Shin

  • Research Associate (School of Geographical & Earth Sciences)


Hyesop is a quantitative geographer interested in themes including environmental hazards, urban air quality, individual mobility patterns, which are likely to be real-world problems. To tackle these issues, Hyesop applies methods including GIScience and agent-based modelling (ABM). Prior to joining Glasgow, Hyesop completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge where he looked at how individuals exposure to air pollution can differ by commuting routes and socioeconomic backgrounds using an agent-based simulation. At Glasgow, Hyesop’s current project unravels the benefits of using crowdsourcing to help improve our understanding of locational services for the under-represented groups.

Research interests

My research mainly stands on the quantitative side of geography. This includes miscellaneous GIS approaches, geo-statistics (i.e. clustering, spatial autocorrelation), and agent-based modelling. The topics I worked on through my academic path varied from the aquatic ecosystem, disease to urban transport.


EcoSim: An Open Gamified Traffic Simulation Tool to Quantify the Impact of Air Pollution

This project aims to train and enable student(s) to explore and simulate the dynamics of TRAP and the consequent health effects using EcoSIM, namely a gamified simulation tool.

Urban Analytical Approaches to Combating Covid-19