Miss Freya Muir

  • Research Assistant (School of Geographical & Earth Sciences)

telephone: 0141 330 2000 (ex. 4780)
email: Freya.Muir@glasgow.ac.uk

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-4702-2963

Research interests

My work focuses on a number of ongoing tasks related to the Dynamic Coast project within the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, led by Drs Jim Hansom, Martin Hurst, Larissa Naylor, Alistair Rennie, and Richard Williams. As appointed research assistant on Dynamic Coast within a Geographical Information Science (GIS) jurisdiction, I investigate the use of historical shoreline maps as well as recent digital terrain models of shorelines around Scotland to extract a timeseries of shoreline evolution. I oversee geographical data management and analysis, field work collecting GNSS elevation measurements along coastlines and UAV imagery, and report writing to further the development of the Dynamic Coast project. 

Additional information

My background is in Geology and Physical Geography, with a focus on identifying and explaining geomorphological patterns in both fluvial and coastal landscapes. My past research has involved identifying topographic signatures in the spatial distribution of coseismic landslides in the Lesser and Higher Himalayas of Nepal, and modelling floodwater flow predictions across multiple basins in Mexico's Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range.

In addition to solely understanding Earth surface processes, I enjoy figuring out smart solutions to problems and clean and creative visualisation of these solutions withing the realm of geomorphology. You'll find me in my element producing beautiful scientific figures for paper and web visualisation using a number of different programming languages.