Solid Earth Research Group (SERG)

Solid Earth Research Group (SERG)

Developing a fully quantitative understanding of the mechanisms and drivers that control the movement and reactivity of fluids and heat within the Earth's crust remains one of the most complex and pressing challenges within the solid Earth sciences. Making progress in this area will enable real, practical solutions to several key societal challenges. Modern society is increasingly challenged by shortage of natural resources and needs new advanced energy solutions in particular. A fundamental understanding of resource and energy related processes and the development of new quantitative tools can significantly de-risk solutions, and this is what will be delivered in cooperation with our partners.  Thus the societal impact of our research will include de-risking resource and energy solutions (geothermal energy, water resources, oil and gas and mineral resource deposits, safe nuclear waste disposal, carbon capture and storage technologies), contribute to public policy and international development and train the next generation of world-class Earth Scientists. The SERG-team’s expertise in faults, fractures and fluids; thermochronology and tectonics, as well as volcanology and igneous processes all feed into our mission.

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Theme members

Dr Daniel Koehn, Dr Tim Dempster, Dr John MacDonald, Prof. Roderick Brown, Dr David Brown, Dr Cristina Persano, Dr Iain Neill, Dr Brian Bell

Current MSc by Research Opportunities (non-funded)