Mmapula Phesodi

School of Geographical & Earth Sciences
Rm 414a, Level 4
Gregory Building
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
T: +44 (0)141 330 5469

Research title: The cratonic mantle beneath Botswana using kimberlite xenocrystic records as lithospheric probes: A comparative study

Research Summary

I was cultivated from the Kalahari sands of Botswana, a mother-host for diamonds, graduated from the University of Botswana in 2005 with BSc Geology. My final year research title: The geology of Debswana Letlhakane Diamond Mine. I mapped the pit, logged core and sampled various country rock lithologies and kimberlites, analysed the raw data using light/SEM/XRF and ICP-MS techniques.

I graduated from Rhodes University (South Africa) in 2009 with MSc Exploration Geology and my final research title was: A review of sediment-hosted uranium deposits in the Karoo Supergroup of Botswana. The main aim of the research was to come up with a geological exploration model for uraniun from the abovementioned stratigraphy. The findings of the research postulated that, uranium occurences and deposits in this stratigraphy, are mostly hosted at the contact (redox boundary) between the oxiding environments (sandstone/siltstone) and the reducing environments (Shale/mudstone/coal). Also major hosts of these type of deposits were faults and conglomerates. The origin of the uranium was envisioned to be deirived mainly from the underlying Archaen granite basement and the granitic inselbergs dispersed throughout the Karoo stratigraphy.

Currently, i am studying kimberlites from the Nxauxau kimberlite field cluster (Botswana) occuring on the Congo Craton. The purpose of this research is to fill a gap in the body of knowledge concerning the geological history, and nature of these enigmatic magmatic rocks. These type of rocks avail opportunities of examining petrological processes that occured deep within the mantle; and the petrogenetic study will use a multidisciplinary approach combining mineralogy, geochemistry, geochronology, and geothermobarometry. Due to the multifaceted nature of this research, various techniques will be utilized; (LA)-ICP-MS/SIMS/SEM/Electron microprobe and Light microscopes housed here at the Univeristy of Glasgow and SUERC.



Eleanor Emery Scholarship in collaboration with the University of Botswana

Additional Information

Embraced the opportunity of working in exploration and mining industries for nine years. Held various positions over the years, from junior exploration geologist (Debswana Jwaneng Diamond mine) to that of Project geologist (African copper). The entire time spent in the industry, i got an exposure of working with a wide variety of commodities (diamonds, gold, silver, copper, cobalt, PGMs, uranium, manganese, iron, lead, zinc), from magmatic, metamorphic to sediment-hosted deposits. Upon graduating in 2010 with MSc exploration geology, I did join the mining industry again holding the position of a Project geologist. In 2014, I joined the University of Botswana to be groomed into becoming an ore and exploration geology lecturer where I got myself a scholarship to study for PhD here at the University of Glasgow, 2016-2019.