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Research Summary

Summary of research

Coral reef ecosystems are some of the most diverse on Earth, they are a major source of income for many countries by supporting industries such as tourism and fishing and over 500 million people depend on them. However, projected global change, particularly ocean warming, has cast serious doubt over the ability of corals to survive in the future. One of the most devastating impacts of ocean warming is coral ‘bleaching’ – where corals lose their symbiotic algae (Symbiodinium spp.), which they rely on for the majority of their energy requirements.

The outcomes from my PhD research will highlight not only the biological value of coral reefs; but also expand our understanding of the drivers and effects of coral bleaching based on the interplay between environmental factors and coral growth.




    • IAPETUS Doctoral Training Partnership (2015-2016 Cohort)
    • NERC Bursary for NERC-IMDBL Environmental Genomics Course (2016)
    • Reef Conservation UK 2016 "Best Poster Presentation" Student Prize
    • £2,500 University of Glasgow College of Science and Engineering Mobility Scholarship 
    • £750 Sir Alwyn Williams Postgraduate Scholarship
    • £100 Marine Biological Association Student Travel Bursary (October 2017)


    • Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland Conference 2015, Glasgow, UK
    • Poster presentation: Reef Conservation UK 2016, Zoological Society London, UK
    • Poster presentation: European Coral Reef Symmposium 2017, University of Oxford, UK
    • Oral presentation: Reef Conservation UK 2018, Zoological Society London, UK

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    Gouraguine, A., Melián, C.J., Reñones, O., Hinz, H., Baxter, H., Cardona, L. and Moranta, J., 2019. Implications of using different metrics for niche analysis in ecological communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series630, pp.1-12.


    • Marine Biological Association Member
    • Royal Society of Biology Associate Member
    • International Society for Reef Studies Member