Faisal Waleed Khudhur Khudhur

College of Science and Engineering

Department of Earth Science

Gregory Building-PGR 418



Research title: Determining processes of co2 capture with steel slags: implications for mitigating rising co2 levels

Research Summary

My research focuses on using alkaline waste materials, produced from steel and iron industry, to capture and sequester carbon dioxide. I am looking on the molecular structure of steel slag, the solid phases within it, its chemical composition, and its reaction with carbon dioxide either through direct carbonation, or enhanced weathering.


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Faisal Mohammed, Muhammad Qasim, Naif Darwish, Ahmed Aidan, “Effect of 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium chloride on the phase behavior of water + 2-propanol system”, United Arab Emirates Graduate Research Conference, Apr. 2018.



I previously taught unit operation and control theory, chemical reaction engineering and transport phenomena.